The Elderberry Foundation, Inc. (EFI) was formed in August of 2002 in the State of New Jersey for the purpose of helping and supporting children with Developmental Disabilities. At present, EFI uses its budget to sponsor benefit programs in support of children with disabilities. It is the experience and belief of EFI and its founders that fostering individual attention to disabled children helps to foster mental and emotional development.

Inspired by Angela Kendzierski, Certified Teacher of the Handicapped, the Elderberry Foundation, Inc. was formed on August 1, 2002 for the sole purpose of helping children with developmental disabilities.

The origin of our name and philosophy is directly related to the characteristics and growth habits of a wonderful plant called “Elderberry”. It is hardy and grows in a wide range of environments but prefers more challenging conditions. The Elderberry plant is lovely to behold with a sense of grace and stature along with magnificent clusters of creamy whiter flowers. These beautiful blossoms mature into colorful purple berries having unlimited potential. Just as the plant requires natural elements to help it mature, so does the student need positive reinforcement not only from his/her family and educational institution but also from outside sources such as mentors and foundations like ours.